Telugu Badi

Vision & Goals

  • Telugu Language Learning Enhanced on the World Canvass and
  • Global Telugu Community Energized Linguistically & Culturally

Mission is to achieve the Vision & Goals by

  • Developing “International Bala Siksha” syllabus, preparing lesson plans, training the trainers and help organizing Telugu Badis across the globe

  • Teaching Telugu Language and Literature at International standards, using modern tools and techniques, with community support and participation

  • Helping Telugu Community living abroad and in India

  • Propagating Telugu Language, Culture, Values and Traditions


  • 1992-2004

      Learned from several community education programs in USA.

  • 2004

      Austin Telugu Badi Started by a team of Parent Teacher Volunteers involved in Austin Hindu Temple & Community Center (AHTCC) planning.

  • 2004-2007

      Weekly classes conducted in volunteer parent homes and at Murchison Middle School.

  • 2007-2008

      Bi-weekly classes conducted in AHTCC-MPRH.

      Grew with AHTCC Bala Vihar and other Educational programs.

      Kids presented poems in Telugu Cultural Association (TCA) cultural programs.

  • 2009-2010

      Developed “amtarjAtIya bAla Siksha” syllabus.

      Started structured semester (10-15 week) approach with defined measurable goals and milestones for each semester.

      Obtained Parent-Teacher contributions and commitments.

       Weekly classes started at North Austin Mathnasium.

      Initiated Telugu Badis in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and South Austin.

      Kids presented skits in Telugu Cultural Association (TCA) “ugAdi” cultural program

      Started Annual Poem recital competition and end-of-academic year Anniversary event

  • 2010-2011

      Expanded “amtarjAtIya bAla Siksha” syllabus

       Started Batch #2 in AustinNorth TeluguBadi

       Other Telugu Badis such as AustinNorth Batch #1, Austin South, Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas grew in size and commitment

      2nd Annual Poem recital competition and the end-of-academic year Anniversary event were attended by over 400 students, parent teachers and guests.