Telugu Badi


Our Humble Salutations (Pranams) to The Lord Almighty, to Our Parents, and to Our Parent Teacher Volunteers.

International Telugu Badi is the congregation of a Global family, united in Vision, Spirit and Service.

Several well-wishers, language lovers, well respected and accomplished elders have been our inspiration and motivation behind this effort. Many friends and family members have been voluntarily providing excellent ideas and their incessant support for this idea  to become a highly successful reality. We very sincerely acknowledge all of them for their heartfelt contribution, enthusiastic guidance and encouragement.

Living in a foreign land and calling it home starts with redefining our cultural identify. Practicing our cultural values and propagating our roots against the odds of several constant disruptive changes in the world is a daunting task. It involves great will, constant self-motivation and complete commitment. We’re fortunate that such great parent teacher volunteers have chosen to support this effort. We bow down to all our volunteer parent teachers with deep respect and gratitude for offering their time and commitment, and for taking active partnership in this linguistic, cultural and community service initiative.

Several supporters and sponsors have been the backbone of this effort in several cities. We’d like to mention a few organizations for their generous contribution and support.

  • Austin Hindu Temple and Community Center
  • Telugu Cultural Association, Austin
  • Murchison Middle School
  • North Austin Mathnasium
  • Tapestry Dance Studio
  • Chinmaya Sundaram, Austin
  • Chinmaya Mission West and other Chinmaya Centers