Telugu Badi

The Culture

Culture is the conglomeration of traditions and living values. It reflects the rich history, celebrates the current successes and paves the way for future. It is ever changing and adapting to newer circumstances, thinking and lifestyle. It is widely reflected in the human mixture of the language, literature, music, dance, drama, paintings and other fine arts and performing arts. It is also reflected in the celebration of festivals and the social living in one’s own country or the adopted home country.

Language is the basis of any culture and if the sole purpose of language was only to communicate, culture would cease to exist. Language reflects the unique thoughts, values and goals of generations. Language transcribes the unique history and heritage of generations. Culture is a river that starts in the hills of high ideals, inherits the beauty & diversity of the surroundings while tracing its course towards the vast oceans of human values. Culture is like a butterfly that needs to earn its freedom and build its strength through the struggles of learning, patience and practice. It should not be kept in suffocating closed fists in the name of preservation, after imparting the values and hinting the future, it should rather be released to fly freely to scale to newer heights with confidence, incorporating the universal beauty with its inner happiness and adapting itself to gain flexibility to be successful at future challenges.


Mother, Motherland and Mother tongue (primary language) are the three most highly revered symbols of Telugu Culture.Telugu culture also propagates Indian traditional values (sanaatana dharma) such as “Respect thy Mother, Respect thy Father, Respect thy Teacher, Respect thy Guests and All Elders”. Telugu Badi has its roots in these principles as reflected in the slogan “Telugu is our Mother Tongue and Parents are our First Teachers”.