Telugu Badi

Payments & Donations

   1.     Some of the Austin area employers and organizations such as Dell, GM, Charles Schwab etc. support IRS 501(c)(3) recognized non-profit community organizations such as International Telugu Badi® by

a.     Encouraging their employees to volunteer with such organizations

b.     Donating $ equivalent to the time volunteered by their employees

c.     Matching the donations and/or course registration fee payments made by the employees

If your company has support for its employee volunteer hours and/or registration payment or donation matching program, we request you to please stop here and make the payment through your company for matching. After completing the necessary paperwork with your employer, please send the necessary details to to complete your class registration. 

2.     If the above payment or donation match does not apply to you and your organization, please follow the steps below for completing the class registration payment and/or donation online. Please understand that as a registered non-profit community supported organization, we’re keeping our costs minimum by using Paypalgivingfund. Clicking the link below will take you to the Paypalgivingfund site. A portion of your donations and payments may also be used to support other community organizations such as Chinmaya Mission, Austin for defraying the expenses related to facility rental, utility and other charges to conduct our International Telugu Badi classes and events at their facility.

     3.       Please pay using the PayPal giving fund link for International Telugu Badi –

Please check the screen shot for clarification. 


a.     Select “Other (USD)” amount and pay $100 per registered child.

b.     Complete the payment and

c.     Send the receipt from PayPal giving fund to

d.     Please email if you have any questions.